Cedar Park is growing and prospering, and I will work every day to ensure everyone benefits. No matter which neighborhood you live in, I will fight for you. Cedar Park is our city. It should work for all of us.

To be competitive with surrounding cities, we need to rely less on our property tax and more on our sales tax, which is a fairer and more equitable tax. I will, therefore, work to drastically lower property tax rates.

We need to create jobs locally, to reduce travel times and stress on our infrastructure. I will work to encourage employers to relocate to Cedar Park. A greater commercial tax base will reduce the tax burden on homeowners and will provide local employment.

While Cedar Park is a safe city compared to our neighbors, as our population grows, our police, fire, and emergency medical staff need new recruits, proper training, and the latest equipment to stay on top any potential threats.

We need to continue to expand our current infrastructure projects and begin a new focus on quality of life projects like a new Senior Center.

Our city government needs to be more accountable to its citizens. An audit of every department will show taxpayers where their money goes, and any waste, fraud and abuse will be exposed and eliminated.

I will work to eliminate tolls along 183-A, which are holding back economic growth. Cedar Park will never be a destination city if people have to pay to get here. Now, the toll road charges at every Cedar Park exit except Avery Ranch, which bottlenecks traffic south of town.

I fully support Proposition A, which would greatly improve storm water drainage in areas that are now subjected to serious flooding. These projects would require no new taxes or fees, since funds would come from the taxpayer-approved community development corporation, which is funded by sales tax revenues.